Who We Are

The Seminary was founded in 1784, in New York City, to educate ministers for the congregations of the Reformed Church in America. Its history has been one of evolution and growth. For more than two hundred years, the school has struggled to define and enlarge its vision by which it can be faithful to its calling to train persons for ministry. In 1796, the school moved to Brooklyn and in 1810 to New Brunswick, to serve better the church and its candidates for ministry. Since 1856, New Brunswick Seminary has carried on its life and work on its present New Brunswick campus. Since 1986, a complete program of theological education has been offered by New Brunswick Seminary on the campus of St. John's University, Jamaica, Queens, New York. These moves demonstrate how its historic commitment to broaden its vision and its evermore faithful service continues to shape the seminary.

New Brunswick Seminary is a teaching institution of the Reformed Church in America. That calling is an exciting one. But just as the Reformed Church has recognized that it is but one very small part of the whole of Christ's church, so the Seminary has been called to recognize its responsibility and privilege to train persons for ministry in many other denominations. New Brunswick's student body reflects the rich diversity of God's whole people.

Almost 60% of the students are African-, Hispanic- or Asian-American. Almost half of all students are women. Many are persons answering God's call to ministry in mid-life. These students come to seminary from all sorts of careers and bring with them a richness of experience in faith and life. Our innovative curriculum provides the context in which all this diversity of ethnicity, culture, denominations, and experience can be expressed in a single conversation--an educative process which values each person's calling and gifts. The result is an unparalleled educational opportunity for the women and men who will lead the church in an increasingly complex and pluralistic context.

There are many advantages for those choosing to study at New Brunswick Theological Seminary. Professors at the Seminary take a personal interest in their students, understanding that preparation for ministry involves more than classroom instruction. At the same time, the importance of academic excellence is underscored by the faculty, and high standards of scholarship are maintained. The educational efforts of a highly qualified faculty are supported by the superior collection of the Gardner Sage Library which is supplemented by the Alexander Library of Rutgers University. Cross-registration agreements with Rutgers and Princeton Theological Seminary allow students on the New Brunswick campus to profit from the wide range of courses offered in various fields by these outstanding educational institutions. Students wishing to earn both a theological degree and a degree from Rutgers University, such as the M.S.W., have opportunity to do so with an overall reduction of required credit hours.

Those enrolled in the Seminary's New York program benefit from elective courses taught by the Theological Faculty of St. John's University and from that institution's large and excellent library. Daytime courses at the New Brunswick campus, and night courses at both campuses, allow for maximum flexibility in scheduling. Other advantages to the student choosing New Brunswick Theological Seminary include the diversity of field-work experiences available within a short commute from both campuses and the intellectual growth available through the concerts, plays and films found in Manhattan and elsewhere in the area.

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