The Rev. Dr. Horace Underwood Project

"I have a vision of Christian homes, Christian villages, Christian rules, and a Christian government; and guiding and influencing it all, I see an organized Church, with a competent, well-trained, thoroughly consecrated native ministry-a united, non-sectarian Church of Christ, where there are neither Methodists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Jews nor Greek, Barbarian, Seythian, bond nor free, circumcised nor uncircumcised, but Christ is all in all"
- Horace G. Underwood
The Call of Korea

Historical Overview
Horace Underwood (1859-1916) graduated from New Brunswick Theological Seminary in 1884, and later in that same year was appointed by the Board of Missions of the Northern Presbyterian Church to serve in Korea. He became a pioneer in Christian mission in that country, engaging in evangelism, church planting, education, and public life. In recent years, his legacy has become the basis of exciting new initiatives in cooperative mission between the Seminary and partner churches and institutions of theological education in Korea.

The Underwood Project
New Brunswick Theological Seminary has nurtured and valued a close relationship with Korean churches and educational institutions since 1985. Because of its unique bond with Korea, the Seminary established the Underwood Project in 2001. The mission of the Underwood Project is to strengthen relationships between New Brunswick Theological Seminary and the seminaries, educational institutions and churches in Korea, as well as the United States, in order to promote pedagogical and ministerial discussions concerning cross-cultural and global education..

The Underwood International Symposium
The first annual Underwood International Symposium was held in Korea in March 2008 and has continued each Spring. The symposium is co-sponsored by Saemoonan Church, the first church established by Dr. Underwood. Yonsei University and Presbyterian Theological College and Seminary also supported the conference. The keynote speakers for the Symposium have been President Richard Mouw of Fuller Theological Seminary (2008), Dr. Thomas Long of Emory University (2009). The speaker for 2010 will be Dr. Susan Hardman Moore of University of Edinburgh, Dr. Ron Snider of Palmer Seminary (2011) and Dr. Wesley Granberg Michealson, author (2012). The keynote speaker for 2013 will be Dr. Diana Butler Bass.

The Underwood Chair in Global Christianity
Endowed chairs are critical to sustained excellence at New Brunswick Theological Semianry. We are raising $1.5 million to establish the Horace G. Underwood Chair in Global Christianity. To date, the Seminary has raised approximately one million dollars in gifts and pledges toward endowing the Underwood Chair. The Underwood Professor of Global Christianity will teach the Seminary's courses in world mission history and the theological study ofthe missionary mandate of the Christian church in the 21st century, as well as coordinate and expand the Seminary's relationships with schools, churches and programs around the world.

The Underwood Memorial
The Seminary recently commissioned a sculptor, Dr. Charles McCollough, to create a bust of Dr. Underwood to be placed in perpetuity in Gardner A. Sage Library. Dr. Underwood spent many hours in Sage Library preparing for ministry. The Seminary is grateful for a donation from the United School of Theology at Yonsei University towards this memorial.

Promotional DVD
Through the generosity of Praise Presbyterian Church in Somerset, New Jersey, the Seminary has produced a DVD highlighting the ministry of The Rev. Dr. Horace G. Underwood and its roots in the Seminary's rich mission history. View it in either English or Korean.

English Version
Korean Version

Your Participation
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