Transcript Request

The transcript of your official permanent academic record includes all work completed for academic credit at New Brunswick Theological Seminary as well as supervised ministry field work, clergy ethics workshop, and approved transfer credit, where applicable. Separate transcripts are not available for individual degree programs or semesters. Only the complete transcript is issued.

Transcripts are sent via regular (USPS) mail. Other delivery options are available at an additional cost, which must be paid in advance. Transcripts will normally be mailed five-seven business days after we receive your request. Always get your request to us as early as possible to avoid delays, extra charges, and possible disappointment.

There is a $5.00 charge for each transcript copy. There are no free copies, and no reduced charges when multiple transcripts are requested at the same time. Appropriate payment for all charges is required with the request. No transcript can be issued until payment is received. The Seminary is not obligated to furnish a transcript to any student or former student whose financial obligations to the Seminary have not been satisfied.

How to Request.
You can complete a Transcript Request form in our office in New Brunswick or at St. John’s University (St. John’s Hall B36) or download, print, and complete the Transcript Request form from the NBTS website by clicking here (and bring or mail it to the Registrar’s Office.)

Faxed requests using this Transcript Request form will be accepted as long as credit card information is provided for payment. The Registrar’s Office fax number is (732) 249-5412. We regret that requests cannot be accepted by telephone or e-mail at the present time (due to provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act). We must have your written signature as part of the request.

If it is not practical for you to obtain or download the form, you can send or fax us a simple written request. In order to avoid a delay in filling your request, the following information must be included (full name, student ID or SSN, date of birth, home address, home telephone number, e-mail address, and years of attendance). Please remember to sign this document. You can fax the request as long as credit card information is included. Otherwise, please enclose a check with your mailed request.

Transcripts from Other Schools.
New Brunswick Theological Seminary will not under any circumstances release a transcript from another institution or any copies of that transcript. The transcript that we have was issued from that other institution as an official record of your enrollment and grades earned is used as evidence of the work you completed in order to make admissions and/or transfer credit decisions. To receive a transcript issued by another institution, you must request it directly from that institution. We suggest you plan ahead and always have several copies of your transcripts from other schools you attended on hand.

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