Dinner Lecutre NY Campus
Location: St. John's Campus
Time: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Price: n/a
Contact: Barbara Fillette
Phone: 732-247-5241 ext. 154
Email: bfillette@nbts.edu

The Reformed Church Center at NBTS invites everyone to attend a lecture by the Rev. Dr. Linden DeBie, entitled: "Reformed Eucharistic Theology and the Case for Real Presence." March 5th from 5:00-6:15 in St. John's Hall, Room B7 in our Queens campus. $5 including dinner, no charge for students/faculty/staff. Please RSVP to bfillette@nbts.edu for Barbara Fillette, Director, Reformed Church Center. Note: This is the same lecture as given at the New Brunswick campus on Tuesday, March 5th in Hertzog Hall including dinner. You can attend either one. If you already reserved for the event in New Brunswick but it would be more convenient for you to come to the one in Queens, just let Barbara know. All are welcome. Dr. Linden J. DeBie is a graduate of New Brunswick Theological Seminary with a Masters in both Divinity and Theology. He received his doctorate from McGill University in 1987 and has taught as adjunct at NBTS and at Seton Hall University. He is the author of Speculative Theology and Common Sense Religion, the editor of the recently published The Mystical Presence, and the Doctrine of the Reformed Church On the Lords Supper. He revised and edited the soon to be released Coena Mystica: Debating Reformed Eucharistic Theology. For several years he edited the journal of the Mercersburg Society, The New Mercersburg Review and has lectured frequently at their convocations. Dr. DeBie was ordained in the Reformed Church in America and has served there throughout his career.