Dinner Lecture
Location: Hertzog Hall
Time: 5:00 PM - 6:15 PM
Price: n/a
Contact: Barbara Fillette
Phone: 732-247-5241 ext. 154
Email: bfillette@nbts.edu
Website: http://www.nbts.edu/newsite/rccevents.cfm

Jan. 29 - Dinner Lecture (Smith Scholar) - David Alexander 5:00-6:15 in Hertzog Hall On January 29th from 5 pm - 6:15pm the RCC will hold a lecture by David Alexander. The lecture, "Some 19th Century NBTS & Rutgers Graduates and the Foundations of Protestant Theological Education in China, India and Japan," aims to show how the educational preparation gained at Rutgers and NBTS in the 19th century "paid off" in the depth and breadth of education crafted in places far from New Jersey and for people who were unable to directly access Rutgers or NBTS. Of particular interest is the three different models designed by these Rutgers and NBTS graduates for conducting theological education in three different missional contexts. An overarching framework developed in China by John Talmage (RC 1842, NBTS 1845) is compared and contrasted with that of Henry Stout (RC, NBTS ) in Japan and John C. Wyckoff (RC NBTS ) in Japan. Profiles and vignettes of other RC and NBTS grads involved in the same work are included. The lecture is accompanied with a powerpoint presentation. David Alexander (NBTS '80, GSED '81) has lived and worked in Taiwan since 1982, and since 2004 has been on the staff of Tainan Theological College & Seminary, where he is currently a lecturer in practical theology and director of the school's language center.