Library Policies


Sage Library serves the faculty, students, and staff of New Brunswick Theological Seminary. Circulating privileges are also extended to:

- Faculty, Students, and Staff of Rutgers University
- Faculty, Students, and Staff of schools in the South Eastern Pennsylvania Theological Library Association [SEPTLA]
- Faculty, Students, and Staff of schools in the New York Area Theological Library Association [NYATLA]
- RCA Clergy
- Local clergy
- Students at other RCA institutions
- Employees of other RCA institutions
- General Public

Requirements for establishing a library card (including any requisite fees), the length of time before the card needs to be renewed, and the length of time a patron may have a book vary by the patron type and relationship to the school. Also, some materials (e.g. biblical commentaries) only circulate to NBTS Students and Faculty.

Undergraduate Admission to the Library

Use of Sage Library is intended for those doing theological research. While Library staff welcomes outside users, it must be understood that we exist primarily to serve members of the Seminary community. Faculty, staff and students have priority in use of the space over other users.

Given its proximity to Rutgers University and Rutgers students expressed need for quiet study space, Sage Library endeavors to balance the needs of both communities. To that end, Sage Library staff will permit Rutgers undergraduates to use the Library after 7 PM Monday through Thursdays when classes are in session. Undergraduate users are asked to respect the need of Seminary users by not seeking to use the building before 7 PM.


Please renew your books before they are due. The new due date will reflect the loan period for your patron type. If you have not renewed them before, call the library and provide a list of titles to be renewed over the phone. If they have already been renewed, please bring them into the library. We will check them in and then check them back out to you.

You will receive a courtesy email one week before the due date to remind you when your books are due. This email will also include instructions for renewing online, if you wish to do so.

Overdue Materials

Patrons with overdue items should return or renew them in order to borrow more items.
Overdue notices are mailed to patrons on a biweekly basis. If it becomes necessary to send a third notice, resulting consequences include lost book charges, suspension of privileges, and holds on transcripts and diplomas.

Recalled Materials

Once a book has been out for two weeks, it can be recalled if needed for another patron. Books required for courses may be recalled at any time to be placed on course reserve.

Recalled books will be given a new due date that reflects when they should be returned. The library reserves the right to fine patrons who do not return recalled materials in a timely fashion. The overdue fine for recalled books is $5.00 per day.


Items that have been placed on course reserve must be checked out at the circulation desk. They circulate for three hours and cannot leave the library. The reserve shelves are not open for browsing. Please request materials by call number at the circulation desk.


Popular magazines and academic journals do not circulate. See below for information on making photocopies.

Inter-Library Loan (ILL)

If you find that we do not own materials that you are looking for, we are glad to borrow them from other libraries for your research needs. Just fill out an ILL request form at the circulation desk or email the Reference Librarian.

ILL borrowing is limited to four items at a time per patron. Materials required for courses are placed on reserve each semester. Additional copies of required course materials will not be borrowed through Inter-Library Loan.


There are 10 public computers on the main floor of the library. Microsoft Word and access to the internet are available on each computer.

Wireless Access

NBTS students can access the NBTS_Student wireless network. The password is their NBTS student ID number preceded by a 0.

Outside patrons doing theological research may access the NBTS_Guest wireless network. Ask a librarian for the password at the Circulation Desk. Library staff reserves the right to restrict use of the network for inappropriate use.

Rutgers undergraduates may not access the wireless network.


Patrons are welcome to check any e-mail account they might have on the public computers. Students who wish to check their NBTS e-mail should go to Their e-mail address is their first initial and last name followed by "". For example, the email address for John Smith would be


All ten of the public computers are networked to the printer at the circulation desk. Printing is ten cents a page, including mistakes, and must be paid for with cash. Please ask a staff member for your print-outs.

If you need to make photocopies to hand out for a class presentation or a chapel service, these copies are complimentary. Please inquire at the Circulation Desk.


Copies are $0.10 per page. Double sided copies are $0.10 per side ($0.20 per piece of paper.)
You must pay for all copies you make, including any mistakes.

To make copies, you need to buy a copy card.
We offer copy cards at these amounts: $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $3.00 and $5.00.
Please nquire at the Circulation Desk.

If you need to make photocopies to hand out for a class presentation or a chapel service, these copies are complimentary. Please inquire at the Circulation Desk.

Library as Space

Food is not permitted in the library.
Drinks must be in covered containers.
Cell phone usage is NOT PERMITTED in the library. If you are expecting a call, be respectful of others. Set your phone to vibrate and step out of the library to have the conversation.

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