Gardner. A. Sage Library contains over 150,000 bound volumes and more than 300 current periodical titles.

The library is home to the official archives of the Reformed Church in America. Its core collection includes rare manuscripts and several of the world's earliest printed books dating from the 15th century.

In addition to these rare books, you'll discover that the library's collection is especially rich in biblical studies, theology, Reformed Church studies, general church history and denominational history. Through a special grant, new resources relating to ministry in African-American, Asian and Hispanic churches are being added daily to the collection.

The Sage Library collection is housed in an exquisitely appointed Victorian bookhall. Built in the style of a fourth century cathedral and dedicated in 1875, the Sage Library was intended to provide a suitable environment "for the contemplation of God." The library provides an ideal place to contemplate such subjects as pastoral counseling, church administration and religious education. When you study as Sage, you'll be served by a committed and professional library staff.

The resources of Sage Library are augmented by the excellent collections available to you at Rutgers and St. John's Universities. Both university libraries can directly support your theological education. They also offer rich resources in the social sciences, arts, literature and the humanities.

Through computerized integration with the Rutgers University library system, you'll be able to borrow resources from hundreds of excellent libraries across the nation. Through Sage's affiliation with the New York and Southeastern library cooperatives, you'll have access to the resources of 30 other theological schools.

While you're a student at NBTS, there will by no end to the library resources at your fingertips. After you graduate, Sage Library will always provide a place for you to engage in life-long learning and study.

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