Reformed Church Center

The Reformed Church Center at New Brunswick Theological Seminary has a two-fold mission. First, the Center maintains an articulate RCA presence within New Brunswick Theological Seminary, and encourages among RCA students at the seminary a strong sense of belonging to the RCA. Second, the Center encourages and sponsors reflection on the living traditions of the RCA, as well as the issues that now face it, drawing on the resources of NBTS which is the RCA’s oldest institution of theological study -- a place where both free inquiry and disciplined analysis are deeply valued.

This mission ties in closely with the broader mission of the RCA itself. It is for the RCA that we work at forming ministers who know the denomination,and that we make opportunities for free and disciplined reflection on important issues. And we aim to engage the RCA in that reflection.

The Center offers a broad range of programs for a wide audience, including scholars, RCA members, and indeed everyone concerned about the Reformed tradition and its renewal. It also arranges workshops and events within the seminary community to help connect RCA students with the life of the denomination.

All of the events announced on this web page are open to the public. You are cordially invited. If you are intending to come, please inform Rev. Dr. Barbara Fillette, the Center's Program Coordinator, at .

New Brunswick, NJ campus * 35 Seminary Place * New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Queens, NY campus * 8000 Utopia Parkway * Queens, NY 11439
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