An Invitation From the President

Dr. Gregg Mast, President of New Brunswick Theological Seminary
New Brunswick Theological Seminary is a community of learners. It is made up of professors and students, of women and men, of young and old. All of us are here because we, in some way, understand ourselves to be called to proclaim the good news about Jesus in such a way that lives are changed and society is transformed. Our common task is to learn how to use our calling and our gifts, in concert with the calling and gifts God has given to others, in order to set clearly before our culture the vision of God's commonwealth - the way that God, in creation and grace, intends for humankind to interact with each other and with the earth which is our common home.

This website is our invitation to you to participate in this exciting task. It is an invitation to get to know New Brunswick Seminary. We are an old school with a proven capacity to prepare persons for ministry. But our long and rich heritage has not stood in the way of innovation. You will see that our curriculum and educational resources are carefully designed to provide quality preparation for contemporary ministry.

It is an invitation to explore the wonderful multiplicity of Christ's people. As North American society has changed, so has the character of the mission of the Church. We live and we minister in a multi-cultural context. New Brunswick Seminary has always been a seminary of the Reformed Church in America. It has now become the place where students from more than twenty other denominations and a variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds receive their theological education. Here, training for ministry occurs in a context which mirrors the society in which we are called to minister.

This is an invitation to help us to embody the vision of God's commonwealth. We have seen the Promised Land, but we are not there yet. There are times when our institution and its people still fail each other and our common calling. So we invite you to add your strengths to ours. Share with us in the process of being reshaped and renewed, of learning and growing, of laughing and crying, of singing and praying, "until all of us come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to maturity, to the measure of the full stature of Christ."

New Brunswick, NJ campus * 35 Seminary Place * New Brunswick, NJ 08901
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