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Blackboard is a Learning Management System (LMS) - a type of software that allows instructors to post course content, communicate with students or set up quizzes.

Blackboard courses are secure. Each student receives a unique login and password, and only students that are registered in your course can access your Blackboard content. This enables you to post copyrighted material, track which students are accessing particular course materials, and quiz students online. There is a place to post grades however NBTS does not use this function.

You don't need to know how to build a web site to build a Blackboard course. All content is added through the use of online forms, and you can easily add items created in other programs, such as Word, WordPerfect, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, and many others.

A variety of communication tools come standard with each Blackboard course. Course discussion boards enable class participants to post questions or comments, to which other participants can respond at any time. Chat rooms enable synchronous discussion between course members. Professors can also break up the class into small groups and assign communication tools to each group to facilitate peer collaboration.

Students have one Blackboard account for the whole time they are enrolled at NBTS, and they access all their courses from a common portal page. The basic navigation structure of each course is the same.

Faculty accounts are generated only upon request for a course site; please e-mail the registrar to request a course site. Requests will be processed within two business days, and you will be emailed your username and password, along with instructions for accessing your course site.

If the class is using Blackboard, students are automatically enrolled in the course sites they are officially registered in at NBTS. If the student adds a class late, they will be added automatically to the Blackboard course once their registration is processed. Please note: not all classes will use Blackboard as a resource.

To access Blackboard go to HTTP://WWW.NBTS.EDU/BLACKBOARD

Blackboard user ID's are typically the first 8 characters of the students last name and the first 2 characters of their first name.
For example: John Calvin would be calvinjo
Your default password is the "password" (no quotes) for all students (unless you have previously changed it).

Request for password resets should be e-mailed to registrar@nbts.edu

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