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Jeff Pettis
Affiliate Associate Professor of New Testament
732-247-5241 ext. 151

PhD May 2004, Union Theological Seminary, NY
Dissertation: "The Sleepers Dream: Asclepius Ritual and Early Christian Rhetoric"

MPhil May 2002, Union Theological Seminary, NY

MA June 1997, University of Pennsylvania
Thesis: Second Century Literature: An Examination and Comparison of Josephus, Ignatius of Antioch, Shepherd of Hermas and Justin Martyr

MSLS June 1994, Drexel University

ThM May 1992, Princeton Theological Seminary
Thesis: "Luke 16: 19-31 The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus"

MDiv May 1986, Princeton Theological Seminary
Thesis: "Jesus' Parables: A study of Interpretation"

BS May 1978, Millersville University

New Brunswick Theological Seminary, affiliate assistant professor of New Testament, September 2004-current

Fordham University, post doctorate fellow, Department of Theology, Fall 2004-Spring 2007; adjunct professor,
Fall 2007-current

Manhattan College, adjunct professor, Religious Studies, Fall 2006-current
Barnard College, teaching assistant, Religious Studies, Spring 2007
Union Theological Seminary, New York, teaching assistant, Fall 1998-Spring 2004

Editor/Editor Board, Union Seminary Quarterly Review, July 2001-July 2003

Lecturer, Elementary Biblical Greek, January 2003

Lecturer, Elementary Biblical Greek, Summers, 2000-2002

Arch Street Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA. Stated Supply Minster, September 1995-September 1999

Athenaeum of Philadelphia, PA. assistant librarian, October, 1993-October 1996
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Vienna, WV. Minister of the Word, January 1991-August 1992

Zion Presbyterian Church, Helvetia, WV. Minister of the Word, October 1985-October 1990

Post-Doctorate Fellowship, Fordham University, Spring 2005-Spring 2007
Department of New Testament Studies PhD Fellowship, UTS 1998-2004
ThM Study Grants, Princeton Theological Seminary, summers 1986-1992
Ordained Minister of the Word, Presbyterian Church (USA), 1985

Classical Greek: intermediate reading and translation knowledge
Koine Greek: advanced reading and translation knowledge
Biblical Hebrew: intermediate reading and translation knowledge
Latin: basic reading and translation knowledge
French: basic reading and translation knowledge
German: basic reading and translation knowledge
Coptic: basic reading and translation knowledge

The Sleeper's Dream: Asclepius Ritual and Early Christian Discourse, Gorgias Press (forthcoming)
"Love, Family, and Marriage in the New Testament," in Sophia Institute Publications, New York, 2014
Seeing the God: Ways of Envisioning the Divine in Ancient Mediterranean Religion, editor, Gorgias Press, 2013
"Earth, Dream, and Healing: The Integration of Materia and Psyche in the Ancient World," Religion and Health (Spring 2006)
Editorial statement for Union Seminary Quarterly Review 57:1-2 (Fall 2003)
"The Loss of Dreams," Union Seminary Quarterly Review 55:3-4 (Spring 2002)
Editorial statement for Union Seminary Quarterly Review 55:1-2 (Fall 2001)

Entries: Psychosabbaton, Paraklitike, Panagia, Orthros, Ordination, Nativity of the
Theotokis, Incense, Exorcism, Chorepiscopos, Blessing Rituals, Analogion in The
Encyclopedia of the Orthodox Church (2010).
Entries: Androgyny, Ascension, Bible, Christianity, Confucianism, Eclipses, Elixir, Hinduism, Islam, Jesus, Kabbalah,
Magic, Moon and Moon Goddesses, Mummification, Mystery Religions, New Testament, Virgin Birth(17 total)
in The Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion, David Leeming and Kathryn Madden, editors (2009)
Entries: Tertullian, On Idolatry; On Prayer; On the Pallium; On the Resurrection of the Flesh; On Flight from
Persecution; Cyprian, To Donatus; On the Unity of the Catholic Church; On the Lapsed; On Mortality; On Good
Patience; On First Principles; Origen, Against Celsus; Commentary on John; Commentary on Matthew;
Athanasius, On the Incarnation; Ignatius, To the Ephesians; To the Magnesians; To the Trallians; To the
Romans; To the Philadelphians; To the Smyrnaens; To Polycarp; The Didache; The Epistle of Barnabus;
Clement, To the Corinthians; Clement 2; Pipias, Explanations of the Lord's Sayings; Shepherd of Hermas
(28 total) in The Encyclopeida of Religious and Philosophical Writings in Late Antiquity, Jacob Neusner and A. J.
Avery-Peck, editors (2007)
Review: Standing in God's Holy Fire, by John A. McGuckin. Union Seminary Quarterly Review 56:3-4 (Spring 2003)
Entries: John the Theologian; Number Symbolism; Transfiguration; Light in the The Westminster Handbook to Origen
of Alexandria, 2003, John A. McGuckin, editor

SBL: Esotericism and Mysticism: "Woman and the Dragon: Perpetua's Rise into the Animus Realm" (For Fall 2013)
SBL: Senses and Culture in the Biblical World: "Touching the God: Aristides, Dreaming, and the Sensate (For Fall 2013)
Keynote speaker: "Love, Family, and Marriage in the New Testament," Sophia Conference, Union Seminary, NY,
December 2012:
SBL: Art and Architecture: "Where the God Sleeps: Asclepius Dream Rooms" (Fall 2012)
SBL: Esotericism and Mysticism: " Drug of the Widow: Isis and the Angels at Hermopolis": (Fall 2012)
SBL: Esotericism and Mysticism: "Raising the Serpent: Gods, Magicians, and the Mystical in John 3.14-15 (Fall 2011).
Symposium presentation Union Theological Seminary, spring 2011: "Seeing the God and the Greco-Roman World";
"Paul and Seeing the God."
SBL: John 12.24, New Testament Mysticism Project, November 2009
SBL: John 5.1-9, New Testament Mysticism Project, November 2008
SBL: John 11.38-44, New Testament Mysticism Project, November 2007
SBL Northeast Regional Meeting, "Dreams, Salvation, and the Gospel of Matthew," March 2005

Theodore Gaster, The Dead Sea Scriptures, analytical index revision. In collaboration with Dr. Robert Kraft, University of Pennsylvania, 1998

Various shows 2003-current, including "Mediation" (Union Seminary, Spring 2010): abstract-figurative exploration of religious experience through the inter-relation of the sleeping and waking realms. Currently showing in various venues.

Ancient archaeology and culture: PhD comprehensive examinations and dissertation, Union Seminary, NY

Independent travel research
Istanbul and Turkey, July 2013
Athens, Greece: Parthenon, Erechtheion, Temple Zeus, July 2001
Corinth, Greece: Asclepius Temple, July 2001
Alexandria, Egypt: Serapeum; Hermopolis, Egypt: The South Church, August 2001
Cos, Greece: Asclepius temple, August 2002
Pergamum, Turkey: Asclepius temple, August 2002


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