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A Message from SSI Presdient Lateya Foxx

Dear Friends,

Have you ever noticed how one drop of water on a pond's surface can cause ripples that multiply and expand in every direction? You may not realize it, but this is a reflection of what you have done for all of us at New Brunswick Theological Seminary. On behalf of the student body, I say thank you!

I'll use my own story as an example of how your generosity touched more lives than you may imagine. I am a recipient of the Esther Award full year scholarship - one of many scholarships you and other friends of the Seminary help make possible through your kind donations. Instead of working full time, the scholarship allowed me to focus more on my studies and make time to participate more fully in Seminary organizations like the Student Society of Inquiry (SSI).

Working together, SSI and the student body accomplished great things this year, not just within the Seminary but outside as well. The "ripple effect" of your support allowed us to provide warm coats and blankets to those who needed them this past winter, serve a Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless and victims of domestic violence who surround our campus community, and to distribute gift cards from the local grocery store to those who needed a little extra help to make ends meet. These are just a few of the ways your support has been multiplied and expanded.

Your prayers and gifts give life to the wonderful community of theological learning filled with a rich diversity of people, cultures, denominations and points of view. The professors stretch and challenge us to think outside of the box and to become all that God has called us to be.

We are so appreciative of all you do! Thanks to you, students at NBTS not only receive an unmatched theological education, but we are also able to put our faith into action beyond the walls of the Seminary to fill our communities - and the world - with the hope and love of Christ.

With gratitude and love,

Lateya Foxx, M.Div. '15
President, Student Society of Inquiry
New Brunswick Theological Seminary

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