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NJ Media Features NBTS in Headlines

NBTS is undergoing a bold and dramatic transformation this year and people are starting to notice.

Everyone at NBTS is thrilled about the two-page article by Star Ledger Staff Writer Kelly Heyboer. Kelly and photographer Saed Hindash spent a morning with Director of Development Cathy Proctor and President Gregg Mast touring our building site. Kelly followed up with interviews with Dr. John Coakley and seminarian Lateya Foxx. The article made our transformation understandable to the general public, as well as religious and education readers, and is truly helping us with "a fresh start."

In the photo above, Leah Ennis and Glinis Garcia (Class of 2013) and Dr. Raynard Smith are excited about how good press boosts awareness about NBTS--helpful to grads in the workplace and to faculty like Dr. Smith whose upcoming Bio-Ethics conference is targeted to medical professionals, clergy and laity (see Events below).

Read "For Hallowed Halls, An Answered Prayer," The Sunday Star Ledger, September 9, 2013.

The other major local paper, The Homes News Tribune, covered our First Things First worship service, led by NBTS alumna Rev. Sharon Cully, since this is the last time we plan to open a school year in the Zwemer chapel, built in 1967.

Read "Chapel Service Blesses Semester," which appeared on September 11, 2013, on Page 1 of the Home News Tribune, next to the historic headline: "President Delays Syria Attack Vote."

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