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Back-to-School? Take individual Masters courses

Are you discerning a call to Ministry? Not quite sure? You can take one of the following classes without matriculating. Be sure to follow the limited enrollment guidelines below.

6:40PM-10:00PM B semester, starts 11/5  
PC00318 - Pastoral Care and Counseling for Women.
An introduction to the unique nature of the ministry of pastoral care and counseling with women.  Emphasis will be placed on the role that the image of God and the socio-cultural and psychological particularities of women play in the development of relevant and effective approaches for this ministry.  Psychotherapeutic and theological issues will also be addressed.
(SILVA) 2 crs.

1:50PM-5:15PM A&B semesters, starts 9/10
CH00345B1 - Missiology.
Covers three main aspects of missiology: 1) definition
of mission and its biblical basis, 2) brief survey of its
history, and 3) issues in missio dei today. Begin to
develop your own missiological philosophy and
strategy for future ministry in this 21st century
globalized community context.  (KIM) 4 crs.

6:40PM-10:00PM A&B semesters, starts 9/5
TH00362B1: "Her-Story" Feminist Liberation Ethics. 
This is a survey course which aims to critically engage with texts written by women about women and their struggle in the church and faith communities.  As more women theologians write and reflect on ethics and liberation within the Christian communities, as they wrestle with the questions of methods of inquiry, it is imperative that the rest of the church ask what it is that these women's stories, reflections, and the very questions they raise reveal about theology itself. What does it mean to call oneself a feminist, womanist or mujerista theologian? 
(MOROS) 4 crs. 

6:40PM-10:00PM A semester, starts 9/4
Hybrid (Online & In-person)
MS00365 - Music and Ministry: The History of Gospel Music This course is designed to heighten awareness of this great art form. This course will assist students in understanding the origin of gospel music, its pioneers, and its existence in the 21st century worship experience. The History of Gospel Music also explores the unique elements of gospel music, and how these elements are shared in various worship styles.
(MINATEE) 2 crs.


Prospective students must hold a bachelors degree, with a minimum GPA of 2.5, as a pre-requisite to registering for a course as a limited enrollee. An official transcript showing evidence of an earned bachelors degree is required. Prospective students must also submit a statement of purpose along with the application.

Got questions? Ask our Registrar Sharon Watts

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Limited enrollment students will be permitted to enroll for no more than two courses in a given semester - six credits maximum. The student must gain the approval of the instructor prior to registering for the course(s). When an adjunct professor is instructing the course, the student must gain the approval of the Dean of the Seminary. If a class has a pre-requisite that has not been taken, the student will not be permitted to register. Students must take the course for a letter grade - pass/fail is not permitted. Limited enrollment students are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 while taking seminary classes.

The maximum number of credits a student may attempt/earn in limited enrollment status is twelve. When a limited enrollment student has attempted/completed twelve credits of coursework, they must either apply for matriculation in an academic program, if qualified, or end their seminary studies.

Limited enrollment students must complete the registration form in full. The limited enrollment fee is equivalent to the regular class fee times the number of credits. In addition, there is a non-refundable student fee. Limited enrollment students are not eligible for scholarships or for student loans and must pay for courses prior to enrollment.

Full payment is due upon registration - no limited enrollment student will be processed without payment.

No limited enrollment student may register for a course beyond the second week of the term.

Only classes with space available, below the cap, will be open to limited enrollees.

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