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A word from President Mast about the tragedy in Boston

The race was long- the finish line near- and then the bombs exploded and the world dissolved around our sisters and brothers in Boston. We had hoped against hope that we would not see and feel 9/11 again. But something deep in our souls whispered to us that it was just a matter of time.

In these days of disbelief and numbness, we hold those who suffer in our hearts and prayers. We grieve with those who have died, we suffer with those who have been injured and we offer prayers for a city living on the edge, wondering what may happen next.

As is often the case, when the worst we could imagine happens, the best within us is given an opportunity to flower. Timid folk become courageous, cynical souls become honest to goodness saints and faithless people find solace in prayer.

Let us hold the nation in our arms and hearts. Let us look beyond ourselves to see those whose every day is filled with the death of the innocent. Let us pray that those responsible for this carnage will be quickly brought to justice. And finally let us find our peace in a God who will never let us go, especially in the darkest valleys of our journey.

Gregg A Mast

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