The Esther Award

The seminary established The Esther Award in 2008 as part of its commitment to public theology. It is named after the Old Testament queen who saw herself placed in a position to help her people at a strategic time, as in Esther 4:14, "for such a time as this.” Like Esther, our Christian responsibility goes well beyond the pews of the church and the halls of the Seminary.

The award recognizes an individual or church whose behavior in the public sphere gives witness to a strong foundation in Christian faith and ethic. The Esther Award acknowledges those whose belief and commitment to the Gospel enable them to rise fully to a Christian response in the face of public turmoil.

The Esther Award includes two prizes: a commemorative gift to the recipient and the naming of an NBTS seminarian as Esther Award Scholar for one year, recognizing her or his faith commitment and academic excellence at NBTS

NBTS proudly recognizes the following individuals and communities for their Christian leadership and extraordinary service, selflessness and commitment to the Gospel.

More on the Esther Award:

2010-11 Esther Award recipient Reformed Church of Highland Park, pastored by Revs. Seth and Stephanie Kaper-Dale.
Reformed Church of Highland Park Scholar Breta Nyajure received a full more.

2008-09 Esther Award Recipient Fountain Baptist Church of Summit, N.J.
Fountain Baptist Church Scholar Ms. Danielle Brown received a full more.

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