Student Scholarship Endowment funds help us to build new generations of leaders.

Increasing scholarship aid to our seminarians remains one of the highest priorities of New Brunswick Theological Seminary and our three year campaign. Because of family expenses and other commitments, few of our students have the expendable income to pay full time tuition. As a result, many seek student aid loans, take up to five to seven years to complete our three year full-time degree, and finally graduate with a debt that will need to be paid off with a minister's or chaplain's salary. Over the last three or four years, student federal loans have reached almost a million dollars per year for our student body.

We may never know how many people turned away from God's call because they couldn't imagine a way to pay for a seminary education. With your gift we can enroll more students and lower their burden of debt!

In addition to lowering our student's debt load, the Seminary is also deeply committed to providing an opportunity for every student to relate to and learn from the global church. There was a time when many of our graduates were called to serve as missionaries across the seas. We have now discovered that many nations have come to live in our communities, and so it is crucial to nurture our graduates' ability to minister in culturally sensitive and compelling ways to the love of Christ. Annual study programs will immerse students in ministries that address social and spiritual needs in a multitude of global settings.

Thank you for your commitment to the Student Scholarship Fund which will make a world of difference. Gifts of $25,000 or more will endow a named scholarship. Gifts of lesser amounts will be added to a general scholarship endowment which will be equally divided between education at our two campuses in the United States and with our many global partners.

Goal: $1.5 million

You can now donate online by clicking below

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