Only 30% of the yearly cost of a student's education is covered by tuition. The seminary fund consists of annual gifts to the seminary that are unrestricted, allowing the seminary to use funds wherever needed most.

New Brunswick Theological Seminary is committed to training Christian leaders who are called by God to serve the church, their communities and the world. Contributions to the Seminary Fund provide our students with the academic programs, resources and support at the highest level of excellence.

A little known fact is that only about 30% of the yearly cost of a student's education is covered by tuition and fees. Gifts to the Seminary Fund make up the difference! The Seminary Fund aids us in our most pressing priorities, including student financial aid, faculty recruitment and development, student services and facility maintenance and renovation. Because gifts to the Fund are unrestricted, the Fund is able to respond to the areas where they are needed most. Gifts to the Fund go directly into the annual operating budget to support innovative teaching and learning, to meet unforeseen challenges, and to provide resources for new opportunities. The Fund also aids us in responding to all of the necessary, but often over looked expenses of running an institution. We are able to turn on the lights in the morning and heat our buildings and pay our staff and care for our grounds because of contributions to the Seminary Fund.

New Brunswick Theological Seminary is the institution of choice for those who demand an exceptional education, a flexible academic schedule, a spiritually rich community at a cost that is makes us accessible to everyone God calls into ministry. Each contribution moves a student along the path of service God has envisioned.

Thank you for your commitment to the Seminary Fund, which will make all the difference in the world!

Goal: $1.9 million

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