This Endowment will provide annual income to fund ongoing capital needs of our new seminary building and the expanded use of advanced technology throughout the campus.

Bricks and mortar don't make a seminary, but they can provide a setting that inspires our students and faculty, our friends and partners. With the sale of a portion of our property, New Brunswick Theological Seminary has been able to construct a debt free, technologically smart, ecologically sensitive, campus. That is a remarkable gift from those who have come before us! But with the building of the new campus, our stewardship concerns need to assure future generations of an education at and through NBTS. The question is simply, how will we maintain our campus for generations to come and how will we keep our Seminary at the cutting edge of technological progress?

Through the establishment of the Campus Endowment, which will be segregated from our General Endowment Funds, we will be able to respond to the capital needs of the Seminary and expanded use of advanced technology throughout our degree and non-degree programs.

The world of learning technologies is said to change dramatically each 18 months. While our commitment to sharing the core skills and education to form new generations of pastoral and community leaders remains unchanged, the means through which we reach this goal is in constant flux. The Capital Endowment will keep us on the cutting edge and help us to imagine ways to teach and inspire students who are living in every corner of the world.

Thank you for your commitment to the Capital Endowment Fund which will make all of the difference in the world! Contributions of at least $25,000 will entitle you to name a designated portion of the new building.

Goal: $1.5 million

You can now donate online by clicking below

Naming Opportunities

Classrooms 3 large x $ 100,000
Seminar Rooms 4 small x $ 50,000
Dining Area $ 1,000,000 committed
Student Commons $ 500,000
Courtyard $ 500,000
Faculty Offices 12 x $ 25,000
Administration Offices 10 x $ 25,000
President's Suite $ 50,000 committed
Wings - Faculty, Administrative, Classroom $ 250,000 per wing

New Brunswick, NJ campus * 35 Seminary Place * New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Queens, NY campus * 8000 Utopia Parkway * Queens, NY 11439
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