The Faculty Development Endowment nurtures our faculty in a diversity of ways for faithful service.

At the heart of the Seminary mission is the remarkable relationship between our faculty and our students. Again and again surveys of entering students have revealed that they have chosen New Brunswick Theological Seminary because of the accessibility and reputation of our faculty. It is thus not surprising that our graduating seniors have rated their close relationship with professors as the key to their love of NBTS.

Just as students don't suddenly appear, but come to us through God's mysterious ways; good and caring professors don't magically appear either. Rather they are formed through the rich interplay of teaching, scholarship, writing, and serving the church and the world. New Brunswick Theological Seminary has been very clear over the years that its professors need to love the church and love teaching. It is for these reasons that the Seminary has been deeply committed to providing one semester sabbaticals after every six semesters of teaching, so our faculty can be renewed in their remarkable vocation.

It is the intent of this special endowment for faculty development to continue to provide our faculty with a diversity of ways to continue to be formed for faithful service. With the advent of distance learning, many of our faculty have needed to learn new ways to teach without losing their core commitment to interpersonal relationships. Faculty members annually attend meetings of colleagues who teach at other institutions and are committed to keeping in touch with the new developments in their fields of study. Special grants to travel and for access to collections of important resources for their research, provide the impetus for teachers to continue to learn!

The Faculty Development Fund will provide annual grants for our teachers to remain on the cutting edge of their disciplines, to research and write, and to continue to offer new and creative courses for our students to become more faithful instruments of God's grace. Your gift will make a world of difference!

Goal: $500,000

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