Building a New Future



6/3/2014: So much has happened. We'll be posting up some more pictures soon. Check out the new parking lot:

The overhead view shows the building's exterior is almost all but complete:

3/30/2014: Arial view showing Chapel lantern:

Street view showing Chapel Lantern:

3/18/2014: The roof is just about complete:

The side view from Sage Library:

The future parking lot behind Sage Library:

2/24/2014: The view from the new parking lot looking at the back end of the Sage Library and the new Seminary:

The brick and windows have gone in on the North and West sides:

1/17/2014: Construction tour with Facilities Manager, Paul Kuhn.

12/10/2013: Even through the snow the construction continues.

12/3/2013: We've got a wall!

Future site of the court yard walkway:

11/19/2013: We're making great progress!

11/5/2013: Installation of the chapel roof and moving of the Suydam statue.

10/25/2013: Our Board of Trustees took a tour of the construction site last Friday.

10/21/2013: Check out this 36 second time lapse of the past few months construction.

10/17/2013: Chapel and floor framing has begun.

10/1/2013: The frame continues to grow.

9/23/2013: We have a frame!

9/20/2013: Steel beams are now being put in place.

9/13/2013: The concrete is now being poured to solidify the foundation.

9/11/2013: No, that's not a swimming pool, that's a vapor inhibitor that is spread through the entire foundation prior to the concrete being poured. This helps to stop moisture from coming up through the ground and causing damage to the foundation.

If you look closely you'll see a steal grating that is placed over the vapor inihibitor sheet. This grating will help the concrete maintain it's form.

8/28/2013: A new channel is being dug to connect vital voice, data and electric lines to the library.

The elevator shaft is starting to take shape

Various pipes are set up as the plubming infastructure begins.

8/21/2013: Signs have gone up on the fence along the College Ave. side of the site.

A view from the College Ave. side of the site, Gardner A. Sage library is in the distance.

Here we can see the stairwell of the East wall is starting to take shape.

More concrete is poured to solidfy the perimeter.

We can see the concrete walls being laid out for the machine shop and mechanical room on the North wall.

8/15/2013: All of the footings on the perimeter are now complete. You can see the lower East end now has the beginnings of a wall. Things are moving very nicely

8/5/2013: The footings for the North and West walls are finished. You can see the perimeter beginning to take shape.

7/29/2013: digging the "footings".

Once the footing is dug wood and steel are used to secure the form.

Cement is then poured to create the initial perimiter and foundation.

A completed footing:

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