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Jaeseung Cha
Associate Professor of Foundational and Constructive Theology

Ph.D., Systematic Theology, Free University in Amsterdam
Th.M., Systematic Theology, Western Theological Seminary
M.Div., Western Theological Seminary
B.A., Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in South Korea

Presentations and Publications

2012- "Taoistic Implications for Christology: Grand Unity, Datong (??) and Valley-god, Gushen (??)." In Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth: Essay in Honor of Abraham van de Beek. Eds. Paul van Geest and Eduardus van der Borght (Leiden: Brill, 2012): 189-208.

2011 - Sebastain C.H. Kim ed.Christian theology in Asia. Reviewed in Journal of Reformed Theology 5/2 (2011): 105-106.

2011 - "Can the Yin-Yang Perspective of Taoism be a New Paradigm for Patristic Christology? Continuity, Relationality, and Conflict," presented as a keynote lecture at the 9th conference of International Reformed Theological Institute, held in 2011 in Potchestroom of South Africa.

2011 - "Values and Limitations of Calvin's Comprehensive Atonement Thought."Faith and Scholarship(Korean)47 (June 2011): 255-284.

2009 - "Calvin's Concept of Penal Substitution: Acknowledgement and Challenge" presented atthe 8th conference of International Reformed Theological Institutein 2009 and will be published in 2012.

2007 - "The Relationship between Christ's Incarnation and his Crucifixion inIrenaeus' Concept of Recapitulation." Journal of Christian Studies(Korean)4 (December 2007): 129-151.

2006 - "Human Autonomy before Christ's Crucifixion: Peter Abailard, Immanuel Kant, and McLeod Campbell." Journal of Christian Studies(Korean)2 (December 2006): 79-104.

2006 - "The Cross as Such and the Cross Overflowing: Christ's Crucifixion beyond Beneficiary Results, Exemplary Representatives, and Substitutionary Exchanges."International Journal of Christian Studies 1 (June 2006): 195-227.

2006 - "The Cross as Such and the Cross Overflowing." Journal of Systematic Theology(Korean)7 (2006): 204-233.

2005 - The Cross As Such and The Cross Overflowing. Ph. D. dissertation, supervised by Dr. A. van de Beek.

2003 - "Is God Violent in the Concept of Sacrifice in Origen and in the Practice of Sacrifice in Vanuatu?" Presented at the 5th conference of International Reformed Theological Institute in 2003 and included in Christian Faith and Violence, Studies in Reformed Theology Vol. 11 (2005): 260-283.

2002 - "The Universality and the Particularity of the Cross in Vanuatu." Presented at the conference of contextual theology of South Pacific and published by The Pacific Journal of Theology in 2002.

2001 - Luther's Concept of Posteriora Dei and Its Relevance to His Thoughts on the Atonement.Th.M. thesis supervised by Dr. Leanne Van Dyk.


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